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Vermont maple products are made with 2022 maple syrup crop.

Vermont maple products are primarily made possible by the sugar maple (Acer
saccharum), Vermont’s state tree. The sugar maple produces Vermont’s most famous
maple syrup.

Every year in March and April, Vermont maple products are made by 
the sweet sap from sugar maple trees, boil it down
and package it for either wholesale
or retail sale for millions to enjoy on their pancakes, ice cream or to sweeten just about
Vermont is the #1 producer of maple syrup in the United States. The sugar maple,
Vermont producers and Vermont maple syrup products are a huge part of the
agricultural economy in Vermont.
The sugar maple motivates thousands of visitors to Vermont in the fall when their
green leaves turn bright yellow on some trees through orange to fluorescent
red-orange on others. These colorful leaves create a spectacular 
backdrop to the fall
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Best Selling Vermont Maple Products

Maple Syrup

Vermont Maple Syrup - D&D Sugarwoods Farm - Glover VT

100% Pure Vermont maple syrup from Vermont maple sugar makers. Our Vermont maple syrup is packaged in food-grade plastic jugs, lithographed tins and various styles and sizes of glass containers. Pure Vermont maple syrup, available in a variety of grades, is a great complement and sweetener to foods like pancakes, waffles, cereal, ice cream…

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Maple Sugar Candy

Vermont Maple Candy - Vermont Box - D&D Sugarwoods Farm

Our 100% pure Vermont Maple sugar candy, guaranteed for 45 days after shipment, comes in many shapes and forms for gifting, party favors… or a sweet personal pleasure. Maple sugar candy is hand made with no additives or preservatives. We use the lightest grade of syrup, Vermont Fancy, for a sweet but not overpowering maple flavor.

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Maple Cream

Maple Cream D D Sugarwoods Farm 300x300 1

A favorite, and most delicious item, is our 100% pure Vermont maple cream, AKA maple spread, maple butter or spreadable maple sugar, made from 100% pure Vermont maple syrup, with no additives or preservatives. Vermont maple cream is wonderful on crackers, cupcakes, toast, muffins, waffles, bagels, ice cream, cream puffs filling, eclairs, or crepes…

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D&D Sugarwoods Farm maple products - Glover VT
"Every Product is a Sweet Deal."

Family owned and operated since 2007 in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom.

We proudly offer a wide selection of Vermont maple products made from 100% pure, natural Vermont maple syrup. Vermont maple products are offered as syrup in plastic jugs, tins and different styles of glass containers, as Vermont maple syrup candy, Vermont maple cream and specialty products.

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