Maple Sugar Candy

Maple sugar candy, a melt in your mouth Vermont maple syrup treat, is produced by D&D Sugarwoods Farm at their Glover, VT facility.

Maple sugar candy, aka maple syrup candy or just maple candy, is available in a wide variety of convenient packages at various price points in many shapes and forms for all occasions such as parties, weddings, showers, celebrations or just to enjoy yourself.

Enjoyed by young or old, we are sure that you will find something here that catches your eye and indulges your sweet tooth. Our Vermont maple sugar candy is hand made using 100% pure and natural Vermont maple syrup with absolutely no additives or preservatives, therefore it has a shorter shelf life. Our Vermont maple sugar candy has a guaranteed shelf life of 45 days. We use the lightest grade of syrup, known in Vermont as Fancy, for a delicate sweet but not overpowering maple flavor. Wholesale pricing is available on our candy so please feel free to inquire for more information.

If ordering for holiday giving, please keep in mind our maple sugar candy guarantee of 45 days and order accordingly.

Fancy– Light amber color and a delicate maple bouquet. With a mild maple flavor it’s excellent on foods such as ice cream which permits its subtle flavor to be appreciated.

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