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    Maple Cream


    • Maple cream from 100% pure Vermont maple syrup
    • Use as a spread or frosting on donuts, muffins, toast, cupcakes…
    • Available in 8 oz glass jar sizes
    • No additives or preservatives
    • Great as a gift for special occasions, weddings, showers…


    Maple Cream

    Maple cream, one of our best-selling, rich tasting and most delicious confections, is made from 100% pure Vermont maple syrup with absolutely no additives or preservatives. Explode your taste buds with sweet goodness by spreading D&D Sugarwoods Farm Vermont maple cream on donuts, toast, muffins, cupcakes, hot biscuits, cakes, on popcorn, on ice cream or enjoy right from the jar…. Available in 8 oz. glass jars.

    AKA maple spread, maple cream, a melt in your mouth confection is 100% pure Vermont maple sap boiled past the syrup stage to make it thick, cooled down so the sugars crystallize and stirred until a light, spreadable cream results.

    This maple product is an inexpensive gift for events, showers, weddings and parties that is sure to please the taste buds of young or old.

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    Glass Jar Size

    5 oz, 8 oz


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