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    specialty Vermont maple products

    Specialty Vermont Maple Products

    Specialty Vermont maple products expand the possibilities of how to enjoy Vermont maple syrup. Vermont maple syrup is not just for pancakes. Most of these maple products are made right here in our Glover, VT facility to assure the highest quality and freshness.
    • Want a spreadable confection for a topping on donuts, bagels, toast, ice cream, cakes, cupcakes…? Our Vermont maple cream might fit the bill.
    • Try our maple drops (hard candy) or lollipops for an on-the-go snack.
    • Our deep flavored Vermont maple bricks (aka maple blocks) are just the ingredient to sweeten up baked beans, shaved as a topping for cakes, ice cream, pies, cheesecakes…
    • Substitute our Vermont maple sugar (granulated) on anything you would use white sugar on.
    • Our Vermont maple walnut crumbles are a delicious snack sweet anytime.
    • Any of our specialty Vermont maple products could be the perfect gift for a friend with a sweet tooth.

    Visit Vermont Maple Sugar Makers Association for more information about maple syrup.

    Got a question about our Vermont maple products? Contact us.

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    Family owned and operated since 2007 in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom.

    We proudly offer a wide selection of Vermont maple products made from 100% pure, natural Vermont maple syrup. Vermont maple products are offered as syrup in plastic jugs, tins and different styles of glass containers, as Vermont maple syrup candy, Vermont maple cream and specialty products.

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