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    Vermont Maple Syrup

    According to USDA, Vermont in 2020 produced 2,220,000 gallons of pure maple syrup making it the largest producer (51%) in the US. The next closest state is New York with 804,000 gallons (18% of the US crop).

    Vermont's crop is sold as maple syrup in plastic jugs, lithographed tins and glass bottles, maple candy and specialty foods such as maple cream, maple bricks, maple lollipops, maple drops, and maple sugar.

    Vermont maple syrup is a great sweetener and can be used instead of sugar as a topping or a cooking ingredient.

    Vermont maple syrup is produced by one of the most natural and eco-friendly processes imaginable. For every gallon of maple syrup, forty gallons of maple sap is collected from maple sugar trees and boiled to remove the water and concentrate the sugars. Once the sugars caramelize, the characteristic rich flavor and color is produced. That's it! No additives such as corn or high fructose syrup, coloring, preservatives  or chemicals are used.

    There are four grades of maple syrup:

    • Grade A Golden Color/Delicate Taste
    • Grade A Amber Color/Rich Taste
    • Grade A Dark Color/Robust Taste
    • Grade A Very Dark Color/Strong Taste

    As the sap boiling season progresses, the color and taste of maple syrup goes from Grade A Golden Color/Delicate Taste in the early part of the season to Grade A Very Dark Color/Strong Taste in the latter part of the season. The most popular grade is Grade A Amber Color/Rich Taste.

    Glass Bottles

    Vermont Maple Syrup in Glass Bottles - D&D Sugarwoods Farm - Glover, Vermont

    Plastic Jugs & Tins

    Vermont Maple Syrup in Plastic Jugs & Tins - D&D Sugarwoods Farm - Glover, Vermont